Things you need to know about our events

Organizing a wedding is pretty much hard job to do. It is someone’s special day and everything is expected to be perfect. There is no room for mistakes or flaws, and execution of the event just must be perfect. Therefore, Arlington Hall has a list of relevant information that can be very helpful for future newlyweds.


The maximum capacity for the Hall is 450 guests, and the maximum number of guests for an outdoor event on the grounds of the Lee Park is 5,000.


All events have food and beverage minimums. The fee varies according to time of the day, week and year. There are taxable 21% service charge and 8.25% sales tax that is applied to all food and beverage items.

Rental Rates

Rental rates vary according to the time of the day, week and year. Rates are subject to constant change.


When you sign a contract you are obligated to pay the rental fee, a security deposit in the total amount of the 30% of the estimated charges. After the event, you have 21 business days to pay for the final catering price.

Cancellation Policy

If you decide to cancel the event after the contract is signed, you will lose the entire catering deposit. If you cancel the event in less than 21 days before the event date you are subject to the entire food and beverage minimum.


For a four hour event, the attendance price of the Chef and Bartenders is 150,00 dollars each.


If your party is larger than 75 guests than valet parking is required. One valet parker is required for every 15 vehicles. Each valet is 28,00 dollars per hour.


On every 100 guests, one security guard is required at the price of the 40,00 dollars per hour. There is a minimum of four hours.

Rental Items

You can rent everything for the reception, from the banquet chairs, buffet tables, to linens and napkins.

Cake Fees

There is a cake cutting fee of 4,00 dollars per person, and it’s applied if you bring your own cake.

Labor Fees

In some cases, additional labor fees may be needed and so they will be charged, everything is coordinated by your catering manager.