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Arlington Hall at Lee Park

Newly renovated and expanded, Arlington Hall at Lee Park represents the finest site for a dreamy event. It can accommodate breakfast meetings, cocktail parties, dinner parties, corporate events, and weddings. Lee Park dates back to 1903, and it is home to numerous concerts, parades, festivals, and recreational activities. The park will undergo much-needed landscape improvements so it can ensure that the popularity of the park stands for the future.

The Park is located on picturesque Turtle Creek Boulevard, and it is recognized as one of the most beautiful urban parks and historic buildings in the entire United States. Back in the days shady and creek side location of the park was attracting first visitors, but it always represented a welcoming place and the front lawn of the Dallas. Park’s buildings are under the care of the non-profit organization, Lee Park & Arlington Hall Conservancy, and its mission is to continue with the preservation and promotion of the old glamour and to keep it original for the future generations.

Park itself is fifteen-acre, and it can accommodate events of up to 1000 people. Besides Arlington Hall, there are many other attractions such as Formal Garden, The Allman Pavilion, two Terraces, and a stately Portico. Each of these attractions offers a mesmerizing experience. They’re a proper to see and a real drone magnet. People fly their drones hoping to catch the perfect aerial video. If you want to be among them, but you don’t know which drone to buy, this handy DronesGlobe buying guide ought to be of service!

Arlington Hall

Arlington Hall was built in 1939 and it has been restored and expanded in 2002. Its dual-purpose makes it unique; it is both a historical place and contemporary. One of the finest examples of dual-purpose historical buildings is ‘Ivan Meštrović Gallery’ in Split. Definitely one of the best things to do in Split is to go and give it a visit to this amazing monument. Being accessible from all parts of the city makes it a perfect location for any possible purpose event and canopy trees make it secluded in the city crowds.

The best feature in the design of the hall is the flow of rooms, and one space is going into another, which makes it perfect for parties of any size. There is Reception Room, Lee Room, Dallas Room, Gallery, and Foyer. The Hall is a relatively large building with many rooms but it’s built on the way that it has a welcoming and intimate feeling. You can get access to outdoors with portico and two terraces, and it is great to organize a tented event on the lawn of the garden. You can capture the most amazing photos with the mature trees highlighted with the moon glow, and surrounding splashed by the custom-designed exterior lightning.

Reception room

When you enter Arlington Hall, the first thing to experience is the Reception Room and it is a pre-function space that had amenities like a crystal chandelier, elegant fireplace, and piano.

Lee&Dallas terrace

Lee terrace provides access to the South Lawn and connects the Reception and the Lee Room. Dallas terrace connects the old stone bridge that overlooks the Garden of Cascading Waters, and it also connects the Formal Garden. Dallas terrace is perfect for outdoor events like cocktail parties or outdoor dining.

Great Hall

The Great Hall is a centerpiece and it’s perfect for a large event. There are some great architectural details such as chandeliers from the Crystal Ballroom and a fireplace. It can fit bands with the stage, theatrical performances, and meeting presentations for large audiences. Great Hall has access to the Great Lawn, and it opens up to the Turtle Creek Veranda.

Lee&Dallas room

On the wings of the Great Hall, there is Lee and Dallas room. Lee room is full of Robert E. Lee memorabilia, and it is in red, blue, and deep gold colors. This room is perfect for small meetings over the fireplace. Dallas room has the green color palettes and it provides a cool, calming atmosphere that is perfect for the events such as board meetings, and business dinners. This room has access to the Turtle Creek Terrace and it is ideal for both indoor and outdoor entertainment.

Turtle Creek Veranda

Turtle Creek Veranda is perfect for its panoramic view of downtown Dallas and Turtle Creek. Great location for photos and it can offer additional seating for larger events.

Lee Park

The final stop from the Arlington Hall is Lee Park. Large enough, the Park can accommodate both tented events to open sky. Lee Park holds nine acres of charming landscaped parkland, with waterfalls, pavilions, old trees, children’s garden, and even a croquet court. Every day you can enjoy an affordable family-friendly barbecue, fried chicken, snow cones, and cotton candy in the heart of Dallas.

Renovation of the Arlington Hall did a lot of good for the building that was hosting events for half of the century. First of all, the orientation of the building was changed so the Main Entrance can overlook the Lee Parkway side. Then the two terraces were added for each side of the building. The expansion was also included in renovation so now the building is 10,000 square feet and previously was 4,100 square feet. There were many issues fixed on the building, there were structural issues, lack of air conditioning, the kitchen was inadequate, and the restrooms were not built under handicap compliance, and fire codes demanded huge renovations.        

Weddings at Arlington Hall

Rooms and terraces of Arlington Hall are interconnected and can fit the group’s small as 10 and parties up to 500 guests. The size of the Lee Park offers even greater group outdoor events. The built-in stage of the Great Hall, the artwork of the building and lush fabrics create your event sparkling and sophisticated. There is no wonder that Arlington Hall became Dallas’s number one weeding site and it can easily compete with worldwide wedding top spots. We all know that we want the best for our wedding day; some people decide to even travel abroad and marry in charming locations like Mediterranean islands. Many people choose Croatia, especially the central Dalmatia. There they can organize a ceremony in historical places and after the wedding; they can continue with the celebration and travel around. The most popular things to do are Cetina river rafting and Blue Cave Split. There is an in-depth article (or should I call it guide) about Blue Cave in Croatia and it can be found here: adventures & sunsets. Interesting how historical buildings can be great for an important event like a wedding reception. Arlington Hall is truly one of the greatest.